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Mission Statement: To provide periodic online news and information about paleontology and fossils to a young audience.

Welcome to DinosaursFA.com! This is an on-line paleontology and fossils website for young people of ages 8 to 18 and their parents.

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Because the earth is approximately four and a half (~4,500,000 years) billion years old, and life has been on the earth for most of that time, there are many fossils from many time periods of long ago. Fossils are found in just about every country in the world. There are fossil animals ranging from tiny insects to whales. There are fossil plants ranging from small mosses to flowers, fruit and large trees. Fossils can also be microscopic. Paleontology is not archaeology although both sciences involve digging. Archaeology is the study of the history of human culture but not fossils. DinosaursFA.com is a paleontology website and will address many kinds of fossils.

Disclaimer:  Any opinions or views expressed on this website are mine and mine alone, and these do not reflect the museums or other institutions where I have visited, studied, worked or volunteered.