Dinosaurs Fossils and Adventures

This brand new website presents news and information about fossils and paleontology to young people.  Paleontology is the scientific study of ancient life. Fossils are evidence of ancient life preserved in rock or mineralized in sediment.  Fossils may include mineralized bones, teeth, ligaments, or impressions of footprints, body surfaces, trackways, feeding traces and burrows, or molds and casts of ancient animals and plants.

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Please return to Dinosaurs Fossils and Adventures for the features, photos, videos and interviews.
About twice each month there will be a new feature article, photographs, video, interview with a scientist, expedition, dig, illustrations, or museum visit, posted on this website.   
Discovering the history of animals and plants on our great planet through fossils is a lot of fun, so let’s get started!  


Thanks- Dave

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